Create A Measurable Difference in the Positivity and Productivity of Your Teams!

How do you create high-performing and sustainable teams?
Team Diagnostic™ Assessment and Methodology is the complete solution to improving team competency and leveraging teams to achieve business results.

It is İLGİ Coaching’s area of expertise to apply team-specific coaching processes tailored to the organization through a system approach in the process of becoming a high performance team for sustainable success and business results.

As your professional and impartial support, we encourage team coaching to work in order to create a positive climate, productivity and business outcomes as your teams move toward their goals.

The team will continue to work in partnership and in a more positive climate, working together to encourage success and support each other.

What is Team Coaching?

Team coaching has emerged in recent decades as a practical way to apply the principles of coaching to the team as a whole.

It is a coaching approach that accepts the team as a system and is structured to transform teams into high-performance teams that focus positively on the team's goals, transform the differences into advantages, and achieve sustainable success.

Because everyone in the team learns and reflects together, teams that embrace team coaching tend to demonstrate more focused, collective energy

Why Team Coaching?

The teams are there to produce results, and their successes affect the success of the organization.

In order to create a sustainable success, teams need
to define of working style and individual behavior change
Team members regularly meet with the goal of achieving change in these two areas and have a journey that involves the following stages.

STEP 1: Team assessment is done by the team itself to determine "where we are today" and "where we want to be".
STEP 2: Team and team coaches come together regularly to integrate new team behaviors, to learn new skills, to support the actions related to the agreed goals, to celebrate successes and to overcome obstacles.
STEP 3: A new self-assessment of team development is conducted and an action plan is prepared for the next steps.

Team members work together to encourage achievement and support each other, continuing to work in a team agreement, change plans and a more positive climate.