If you are looking for unique approaches to coaching services, world class service, quality, ethics and experience, you are in the right place. Welcome!

ILGI Coaching was founded in 2004 by Dilek Yıldırım MCC, to provide professional coaching services and to be one of the first examples in this respect.

Many organizations are seeking sustainable growth and development, investing to improve their leaders. We offer unique coaching services specifically tailored to their needs.

We have been working with the leading corporations and international companies in the Executive Coaching, Team Coaching, Mentoring and Supervision arenas.


We think that every leader, every institution and every coach / mentor is responsible for the change of the world. We believe that coaching / mentoring practices have the power to influence social change in the world in the positive direction. This means that everyone should be aware of their vision, life purpose, values and influence, and be ready becoming an inspiring and unique leader starting from self-leadership.

Coaching helps people stretch themselves in different ways to reach objectives that enhance and give new direction and meaning to their personal and professional lives and help them to use their potential at the highest level. To increase the self-awareness and the positive influence on the systems in which they are built by developing self-leadership skills; we are striving to be flexible and durable without sacrificing its essence and to be an authentic leader in effective communication and positive relationships.

Today, while business dynamics and employee profiles are changing. Our coaching practices are also developing, transforming.

Innovative, encouraging, flexible and original approaches and a balance of supporting/ challenging coaching can create an impact on our future positively.

Coaching is becoming one of the most important tools used in fields such as providing leadership development, increasing individual and team performance, increasing productivity, developing needed skills in the field, increasing employee commitment, motivation and ownership.

It is also important to know how and by whom this service is implemented in the effectiveness of the coaching process.

ILGI Coaching supports organizations and leaders on their way to achieving the results they are targeting for. It focuses on 100% coaching based work with all its resources and experience.


Quality: We pride ourselves on setting high standards and doing our best in everything we do.

Ethics: All ethical values such as confidentiality, openness, honesty and respect that are the basis of coaching profession are indispensable in every action.

Innovation and Continuous Learning: As we follow the innovations in our field, we develop new models that will incorporate our authentic point of view and continue to learn.

We know the responsibility of the coaching profession and the work we do, we only sign the projects that we can do and where we can make contributions.

Passion: We believe in coaching, and with the power of witnessing change, we do our job with passion.